Good Things Take Time... 

Trade Program for Interior Designers & Design Showrooms

Interior Designers and Design Showrooms... We can't wait to show you our modern coastal upholstery fabrics, wool rugs, silk pillows and coordinate wallpapers, that will add a casual chic vibe to your next residential or commercial design project.

If you feel our collections would be a great addition to your showroom, or if you just plain dig what we're offering, sign up now for our Mailing List to be the first to know when we launch our To the Trade Wholesale program! 

To receive a Trade Application, kindly Contact us! 

Visit my blog post to learn more about our new textile collection.  

ShellRummel upholstery fabric collection
Shell Rummel natural affinity wool rugs
Shell Rummel fabric collection to the trade
Shell Rummel fabric collection to the trade
Shell Rummel wallpaper collection
Shell Rummel silk pillows for surya

Coming Soon:  Memo swatches