Ketubah Designs

My Ketubah designs enjoy a loyal following and have been an established presence in the Wedding and Judaic markets for nearly 20 years.  All of my Ketubah designs originate as hand painted watercolor paintings. I am best known for painting designs that reimagine traditional symbolic imagery and concepts in a fresh and modern way. My designs appeal to art lovers and my ultimate goal as an artist is to design a fine art piece that my clients will be proud to hang in their home. My award winning Judaic watercolor artwork has been represented in retail stores and fine art galleries nationwide, and has been featured in juried art shows, fine art exhibition and national publications, such as Martha Stewart Weddings and The New York Times. I am honored that my artwork has been collected by thousands of patrons both within the US and abroad and remain humbled that so many choose my work as both a traditional and modern expression of their love. 

A sampling of my best selling Ketubah designs: 

Where to Buy

I offer a large collection of Ketubot (Jewish wedding Certificates) and coordinating Parent Gift Prints in a variety of styles from traditional to modern.  To view my fine art Ketubah designs and learn more about me and my work, please visit my Ketubahtree website.  

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations 


A refreshingly modern collection of upscale B'nai Mitzvah designs that will appeal to both parent and child alike. Inspiring and unique, each thoughtful invitation design is derived from my artwork which is rich with symbolic imagery and celebratory colors…perfect to announce your child’s mitzvah celebration! 

Shell Rummel Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Shell Rummel Bat Mitzvah Invitations
Shell Rummel Bat Mitzvah Invitations


Very pleased to have partnered with Carlson Craft to offer a collection of my well loved Bar and Bat Mitzvah Invitations in their esteemed Mazel Tov Album. For Purchasing Information, visit my website. 

Greeting Cards

A lovely assortment of Wedding,  Bar and Bat Mitzvah and All Occasion Greeting Cards and Boxed Notecard Sets all featuring my designs, including some of my most well known Judaic artwork.

Where to Buy

Available in Card stores nationwide and via the Design Design website. To find a store near you or for wholesale ordering, contact: