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Shell Rummel

Designer, Artist, Visual Storyteller

Beginning her creative career more than 20 years ago, Shell Rummel and her eponymous brand have been inspiring art-lovers and consumers alike to experience design in a powerful, personal way.

Inspired by the fluid grace of nature, Artist / Designer Shell Rummel is drawn to organic lines, authentic materials, layers that reveal and patterns that make the eye dance. Her artistic creation involves engaging all the senses, capturing the soul and heartbeat of emotions and bring them to life in her gorgeous collections. 

As a designer, Shell strives to visually create a story, finding inspiration in the delicate patterns of the ordinary. Her distinctive style and deeper level of beauty are evident in every brushstroke, helping to accentuate and differentiate her artwork on any canvas. 

In Shell's Own Words

“I have a deep reverence for the natural world around me and I am greatly inspired by the delicate patterns that are often revealed in the ordinary. Since my designs originate as hand painted watercolors, there is an inherent translucence… a soothing, delicate and graceful fluidity to my work. I strive for an easy, quiet elegance in my collections and use sophisticated color palettes and unexpected detailing within my designs to achieve that look and feel. I love what I do and I strive for the artist’s hand to flow through the layers of all I create.” 

Brand Essence

The brand’s collections are sophisticated with a high design aesthetic; however Shell’s unique painterly hand and signature soft and soothing palettes make them accessible to a wide variety of markets. The brand appeals to those who value fine art and who enjoy quietly elegant and naturally inspired design in their surroundings. 

Since launching in 2012, the Shell Rummel brand has enjoyed significant growth with licensees across a variety of categories including; Bath Textiles and Accessories (Available at Bed, Bath & Beyond stores nationwide), Interior Paint Palettes, Stationery, Gift, Fabric by the Yard, Technology Accessories and an extensive portfolio of Fine Art. The brand continues to expand into the UK, Australian and Russian Markets. 


Robust Licensing Program

You can find Shell’s evocative art and warm modern design gracing select home décor product lines. Our design studio is proud to work with industry leaders such as West Point Home for an exquisite line of serene Bedding Textiles as well as Surya for beautiful designer Rugs & Pillows. Below, a few of our valued Licensing Partners.