Shell Rummel

Designer, Artist, Visual Storyteller, Brand

Shell Rummel

I am drawn to organic lines, authentic materials, layers that reveal and patterns that make the eye dance.  My work is a direct reflection of what catches my eye; the gentle curve of a line, textures you can feel with fingertips, subtle shadows from the play of light, the depth of cerulean blue when mixed with iridescent gold... and my collections pay homage to all that resonates deeply with me. I find natural juxtapositions (fragility/strength, graceful fluidity/strong architectural lines, simplicity/intricate complexity) endlessly intriguing and my design aesthetic quietly honors this mix of contrasting elements. 

My artistic creation involves engaging all the senses and my fine art and design are the purest essence of me. I strive for the artist's hand to be felt in all I create. 

The hallmarks of my brand are delicate, tranquil, gracefully fluid art and design.  There is both an inherently natural quality to my work as well as a softly refined feel... it's comfortable and sophisticated at the same time.  Watercolors are my preferred medium... and the unpredictability of painting with water often results in surprising variations and subtle imperfections in my artwork and design patterns which is what makes them so beautifully unique. A constant stream of inspiration ensures that my art is ever-evolving and results in a very commercial body of work with depth and range suitable for a variety of product lines and markets.  

I consider myself to be a creative visionary with an authentic entrepreneurial spirit...a true blend of art and business acumen. 

My company, Shell Artistree, has been a successful and established presence in the fine art, wedding and stationery markets for nearly 20 years. My award winning watercolor artwork has been represented in retail stores and fine art galleries nationwide, and has been featured in juried art shows, fine art exhibitions and national publications. I am honored that my artwork has been collected by thousands of private and corporate art patrons both within the US and abroad.

Passionate about designing beautiful products, my current focus involves building my brands presence within home decor markets. I'm at ease designing for a wide array of home décor genres including modern coastal, elegant traditional and urban chic interiors. I have world class licensing partners that skillfully bring my designs to life. It's a thrill to see my bedding, bath, paint, textiles and accessories gracing the shelves of industry giants, like Bed Bath & Beyond. Particularly exciting, is the impending launch of my long awaited rug and silk pillow collection which will debut in early spring. Poised for significant growth in 2016 as the Shell Rummel brand continues to expand into international markets, I am simply feeling grateful and enjoying every moment as it unfolds. A joy to do what I love.  

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