In the Studio

My studio is my haven. Here, I'm at peace, surrounded by ink, paint, music... and wrapped so warmly by the light I love...

Shell Rummel art and design studio


It's a special place where I can find the solitude I crave, surrounded by an abundance of inspiration. A quiet space which allows me the freedom to design, to paint, to create, to work, to think, to sing and dance (yes, sometimes, I do...)... to honor my creative self and all that she encompasses. 

I love the stillness of early morning as sunlight pours in from the skylights overhead. I prefer a slow start as I sip my tea and I enjoy that settling in kind of feeling that comes over me during the first hours of the day. I begin by organizing my thoughts, making edited lists, catching up online, sinking my toes into the soft fur of my pup, Baci, who always sleeps curled up at my feet, all the while waiting for my voice to return after sleep. The light stays with me and in the afternoon I find comfort in the afternoon shadows dancing across the wall as the rays begin to filter through the trees.  

Music, with me always and essential for my creative moments. A steady beat often inspires but sometimes I just want quieter melodies. My taste is eclectic and varied... my mood sets the tone. 

I am surrounded by beautiful mementos... dog eared books of poetry, seashells from the coastline of Scotland, soft pillows, vintage pottery, sand dollars, a beloved orchid that magically keeps blooming, handwritten notes, photographs, sketches and drawings, paintings and books... Sentimental, these things speak to me and bring me much joy. The Muse is usually close at hand and for that, I am grateful. Those who are dear to me and who bring beauty close to my life are represented here in this feel good space. The energy is palpable the moment I sit at my desk. 

I enjoy the unique diversity of design work that each client and licensee brings my way each day. I am joined in the studio by my long time design assistant, Rachel, who works alongside me, honoring my creative vision and helping me bring my designs to life. There is a sense of immense pride, in creating quality products and in knowing we are building something beautiful, tangible and authentic. 

Whether I am painting for my own pleasure or designing for my growing list of art licensing clients, my focus remains steady; to create and design exceptional art and timeless collections that are softly infused with beauty and grace.