Quilting Fabric

A pleasure to see my designs gracing such soft and beautiful Quilting Fabrics.  I love how the watercolor feel of my art comes through...skillful craftsmanship ensures that!  All of my tranquil fabrics will translate beautifully to quilting, clothing and home decor projects. I love seeing all the charming and beautiful projects that customers make with my collections!   Scroll to the bottom of this page for Where to Buy information. 

Quiet Moments

I find immense joy in the quiet moments spent seaside, meandering along the coast barefoot in early morning before the hustle of the day begins. Soft solitude allows the eye to see things in a different light. My Quiet Moments collection is directly inspired by ocean elements such as the shimmering tide, swaying ocean grasses and urchins found along the jetty. This modern coastal collection is sure to resonate with all who love the sea. ORDER via Freespiritfabrics, here.  


Soft Repose

Ever inspired by the fluid grace of nature, Soft Repose pays homage to subtle patterning and graceful lines. It's a livable collection of soft, graceful, organic designs and its quiet palette features a full range of tonal grays, enhanced by the unique translucence of hand painted watercolors.  ORDER via Freespiritfabrics.com! View our Lookbook for the Soft Repose Collection, here. And read our Blog Post about our time at Quilt Market, here:) 

Additional Fabric collections by Shell Rummel...

 Alchemy - Sophisticated organics in a soft, tranquil color palette. 

 Gossamer - Delicate hummingbirds, floating feathers and elegant rosebuds. 

 Mariposa - The delicate lines of a butterfly wing through a soft wash of watercolor, enhanced by ink. 

 Sweet Siesta features dreamy designs in serene mint and peaceful pewter color ways that are reminiscent of intricate Spanish tile work.  Layered geometric prints create an elegant lace effect, and a relaxing garden of florals produces endless sewing possibilities.  

Tres Chic features magnolia blossoms and wispy feathers and blooms in a soft blush watercolor palette. Designs are enhanced with a touch of ink and indigo accents.  Available via Quilting Treasures.

Where To Buy

For Quiet Moments and Soft Repose, the full collections are available directly through Freespiritfabrics.com

For Alchemy, Gossamer, Mariposa and Sweet Siesta collections:  My collections are purchased by large and small fabric shops across the US and Europe.  Availability varies from moment to moment and some patterns do sell out, so if you find yardage you love, grab it while you can:)

For Tres Chic:  Here is a store locator map direct from the Quilting Treasures Website. Not all stores carry all collections, so best to do a search for your favorite Retail store to see if they have the yardage you are interested in. Yardage for Tres Chic is available in the US and Internationally. 

If you do a search online for "Shell Rummel (insert name of collection you are looking for) quilt fabric" you should be able to track down yardage from online resellers. I know that many Etsy resellers do keep my fabrics in stock.

Please do send me photos of the lovely projects that you make with my fabric...I will be happy to post on my Pinterest Board