Spring Market Week- 2013

Just back from four incredible days in New York City. It always feels like my time there is a whirlwind of activity...jam packed from beginning to end.  And, although the pace is fast and quality sleep is elusive for me, the food is so, so good as is the energy swirling around me and I've learned that I like all that... a lot;)

This trip was in honor of Market Week to see my newest Bath and new Bedding collections which were featured in the home textile showrooms. I am finding it difficult to fully articulate how it actually felt to see my art/designs on all of those beautiful products for the first time...I know how much time and energy went into the design process and it's been a slow but steady progression. But to see it all come together in such a lovely way...well...it's beyond thrilling and a bit overwhelming. I feel immense pride and accomplishment. And gratitude, to my agent for guiding me along. I am genuinely appreciative of all she does for me and my brand.   

I met some wonderful people! Had a memorable dinner with my agent and two new business colleagues who felt like old friends by night's end...I'm still smiling as I think back on the conversation. Enjoyed so much, all who so warmly greeted me in the showrooms...fabulous to finally put faces to names/voices:)   I also had the honor of spending precious time with some very dear friends, such a pleasure.       

I'm learning as I go, quietly watching and listening... absorbing it all. Enjoying these moments, profoundly so. I feel as if I am gently perched on the cusp of... something ...  and I like that feeling a lot, too.

I'll be posting the product photos from the showrooms in the coming days as soon as I get them all sorted. But for now, here's just a few of my favorite impressions from New York City ~