Baby It's Cold Outside

How can one not be inspired by this?

Look past the ice and see the texture, the sensual line, the shadows, the refraction of light, the colors (lilac, pale pink and the softest golds)...the delicate translucence. I see so much more than icicles when I look upon these stunning images and all I'm thinking, dreaming, longing to do is try to capture the magnificence in a watercolor painting....

Inspiration is the key to any artists true success. It's that magic Muse, that often indefinable yet, oh so recognizable spark that marks the beginning of an idea or vision. It moves you towards creation and often guides you along the way. For me, that moment of inspiration usually begins with the distinct physical sensation of pulse quickening and heart beats which makes perfect sense to me...When we truly pay attention we notice that the heart leads the way, most of the time.

Such is the case with many of my new paintings and designs here in the studio. I've been paying attention to the natural beauty around me and I've been newly inspired and refocused on painting during these cold Winter months. I look forward to sharing my new work with our clients, galleries, stores and friends in the coming weeks. Good stuff coming, that I hope will make your heart beat just a little faster.