Meet Gracie, Our New Studio Intern

Hello, my name is Gracie and I am the new intern for Shell Rummel. I will be diving into multiple passions of mine to help Shell’s business; social media marketing, videography and photography. I just graduated from Lynchburg College in May and am thrilled to work with Shell as it is one of my first opportunities as a college graduate. I grew up with a passion for painting and drawing, but over time, the world of photography and videography added to my interests, as I currently enjoy a wide variety of mediums. This internship position appealed to me because it sounded like I would be able to apply almost all of my interests and areas of knowledge, improve them, and also help Shell continue to succeed as a designer. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and as I hope to be an entrepreneur myself one day, I am excited to learn an incredible amount from Shell and her growing business. 

I am so pleased to have Gracie joining us in the studio and I look forward to seeing all she can accomplish as she begins to build our social media presence as well as our Etsy storefront. Gracie brings enthusiasm, creative ideas and a solid work ethic to the job. She and I will share the responsibility of posting content to our various social media venues and interacting with our growing following, so do welcome her warmly when your paths cross!   -- Shell