As I sit here with the sunlight streaming into my studio, first time in a week, I am warmed by the light...happy in the moment. I've had a great week in the studio. It's been quiet and peaceful and I focused on updating my website, painting, drawing...even got a little messy with scissors and glue as I tried my hand at some collage work. I have lofty goals for the New Year, some still forming... There's so much I want to achieve, both personally and professionally and it will be a pleasure to share more about my intentions in the coming weeks. 

As for the year that's ending, it was a beauty in many ways. The Shell Rummel brand continued to grow as our bedding and bath collections finally made it to the shelves of industry giant, Bed Bath & Beyond. More dot coms followed... and with it, the promise of more product... bedding, silk pillows, gorgeous wool rugs, shower curtains... We are currently working on new collections inspired by my love of organic lines and natural patterning, but also, no doubt,  by my travels to Edinburgh, Scotland this past Fall. Months later and I am still feeling the calming effects of my time away...profound, how the magic of a place can stick with you and make you look at the world with fresh eyes.  My time there deserves its own blog post with some special photographs shared along to tell the story visually...Adding this to the lofty goal list for 2016.  

I feel the whoosh of a gentle wind that goes hand in hand with momentum. Holding tight as it picks up pace. It's going to be a great year ~