The time has come...

shell rummel shop page launch

Although my design business is always about creating a product that is appealing and sellable within a particular market, the majority of my paintings through the years have been created for me, without thought of resale.  Rare, for me to want to sell an original work and in fact, I have gently denied a request to purchase my art on more than one occasion.  I paint because it fulfills me to idea, emotion or feeling that needs to be expressed via my hand and the beautiful flow of water or ink. If there is any resonance for the viewer, I consider that an extraordinary gift in itself.  And if someone happens to fall in love with one of my paintings, choosing it to live with them... well, that's a rather epic honor, indeed.  

I have spent some serious time building out this shop page;)) Perhaps the delay is due in part to my own hesitation to part with some of my work. Each time I paint, a part of myself becomes one with the layers.  I can usually recall with vivid clarity the circumstances around how a particular painting came to be...the story that connects it to me.  I've been able to revisit so many of my paintings from my earliest portfolio, remembering the stories from those moments and seeing the evolution in my work. It's pretty cool and confirms my growth as an artist.  

In any case, the time has come, the page has finally launched and I am proud to offer a very small revolving collection of my work  available for purchase...

Each is hand selected...a painstaking process if you know me.  I will add new paintings to the galleries as I am moved to do so. I expect the Originals gallery will have a more substantial selection over time as I hope to share older works that are special to me as well as new work right off my watercolor pad.  It's true that not all originals also happen to make excellent reproduction prints, so I will only offer a print if the print quality is exceptional.  I labor over the decisions of which pieces of me to share along and I feel immense pride when my art is chosen.

I hope my work moves you.