blend fabric

Alchemy has arrived!

Something really special about seeing your creative vision come to life...

And that's how it felt as I opened the box that contained my very first collection of fabrics. Alchemy has finally launched via the wonderful team at Blend Fabrics and shipped to retail stores across the country. My samples arrived and I can tell you that seeing my art on this lovely soft cotton fabric was just...fulfilling. The watercolor feel of my designs comes through can really see the gradations of color, like brushstrokes on watercolor paper. The colors are tranquil and soft, the designs modern and organic and the entire collection can be easily mixed and matched. 

I envision a beautiful quilt, pillows, duvet cover, a slipcover for a special chair.... maybe a really cool satchel, or a tunic (yes, that feels like me.. ) If only I knew how to sew.... ;) Wondering, what will you create with my Alchemy collection?